Science Biology MCQ-172

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Nepanagar is known for


An important product obtained from styles and stigma is


Bamboo is classified as


A medicine for bronchitis is got from


Chilgoza is got from


Nitrogen fixing bacteria found in the root nodules or leguminous plant is


Pyrethrine used in mosquito coil is obtained from


Litmus is obtained from


Azola anabana is used as fertilizer in growing the crop


Spice saffron is obtained from which part of plant


Consider the following


Plant yielding medicine for checking eye is


Turpentine is got from


Wood used in making cricking cricket bats is got from


Major ‘Basmati Rice is produce in state


Botanical name of Soyabean is


Canola refers to special type of oil seed mustard varieties bred for human consumption. The main characteristics of these varieties is that the


In a bisexual flower if androcium and gynoecium mature at different time the phenomenon is known as


The leaves used as wrappers for bides are obtained from which one of the following ?


Which among the following mono culture crops provide(s) immediate cash to farmers ?

1.Tea in Assam
2. Rubber in Africa
3. Sugarcane in Malaysia
4. Coffee in Brazil

Select the correct answer using the code given below


Which plant is called Herbal-Indian Doctor ?


Biofuel is obtained from the seed of


A ‘flower bud’ which is uses as a spice is obtained from


IR-20 is a high yielding variety of


Government of India encourages the cultivation of ‘sea buckthorn’. What is the importance of this plant ?

It helps in controlling soil erosion and in preventing desertification.
It is a rich source of bio diesel.
It has nutritional value and is well-adapted to live in cold areas of high altitudes.
Its timber is of great commercial value.

Which of the statements given above is / are correct ?