Science Biology MCQ-244

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ATP is


Autopsy is connected with


Auxin causes a plant shoot to bend towards light by causing cells


Auxins are plant hormones which promote stem growth, fruit growth and tropisms in plants. The most common auxin is


Aves are


BCG vaccine is used against


Bacteria and fungi developing on dead decaying organisms are


Bacteria belong to which of the following kingdom?


Bacteria can live in cold climate for


Bacteria do not need sunlight to grow because


Bacteria reproduce


Bacterial action changes dead leaves into


Bacteria having flagella all over the body are called


Banana fruit contains mainly


Base pairs in DNA are joined by


Basic unit of all living organisms is


BCG vaccine is used to produce immunity against


Bees pollinate a wide range of flowers in many environments and in almost all parts of the world. Evidences suggest that bees and the flowering plants they pollinate began to evolve together about


Beriberi, a disease resulting in peripheral nerve lesions and/or heart failure, is due to the deficiency of


Bile secreted by the liver gets stored in the


Binomial nomenclature refers to the


Binomial nomenclature system was introduced by


Biologically, marriage should be avoided in between


Biomagnificalion is the phenomenon of


Biopsy is done on