Science Biology MCQ-238

General Science-Biology objective Quiz for UPSC, JPSC, CivilsPrelims, UPPSC, CDS, NDA, RBI, SSC Exams

What is the reason behind the catties are not feed by young jowar fodder ?


Match the following
List I
A. Alcohol test
B. Sediment Test
C. Resazurin test
D. Gerber method
List II
Visible dirt detection
To detect colostrums
Bacteriologic quality of milk
Fat determination


Which of the following technologies could result in faster multiplication of superior germplasm in dairy animals?


The species for which selective breeding should be the best strategy for enhancing their performance traits in our conditions, is


Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists.
List I List II
A. Indian buffalo 1. Tallest
B. Tamraw buffalo 2. Dwarf smallest
C. Anoa buffalo 3. Dwarf
D, Cape buffalo 4. Medium


Which of the following breed has easily adapted to the Indian climate but is cosmopolitan in origin?


The work that is pionnering and which contributes the field at most and has a wider effect on the population and its growth. The revolutionary work in the dairy technology and milk production is known as


The very disastrous disease, which is specially confined to the specific species. The name of the disease is Ranikhet disease as it was first seen the Ranikhet district. Which of the following animal breed is associated with it?


From the following who has done the pioneering work in the field of tonned milk in India ?


The cooking oil brand ‘Dhara’ has been the work of the group of scientist from which of the following national institute which carries the developmental and managerial work in the field of dairy technology?


The famous agency which has its work in collection of Local milk and which is a biggest brand name of the milk industry. We call it as a ‘AMUL’ which stands for Anand Milk Union Limited. From the following what type of agency it is?


One of the following technique so as to preserve the fodder for longer period of time and which conserves the nutrient availability and becomes a boon to the farmers who have small livestock holding. Which one of the following is the technique?


Russia prepares a very special drink, which is made up of the milk and is consumed on the larger scale from children to adults and is used as energy booster by the sports persons. Which one of the following is the drink named as?


AGMARK is a certification of standards on the agro products which clarify that the produce qualifies the minimum standards according to the directorate of marketing and inspection, government of India. When the AGMARK did get established?


The famous breed to the goat which is especially used for the meat purpose in India and is breeded on the large scale. Which one of the following breed is the one?


The technology which concerns about the collection of embryo from donor female and its transfer to a recipient female which carries it to full term is associated with?


The poultry rearing system in which the housing floor is covered with litter sawdust, baggasse, groundnut seeds and kernels. This system is termed as


The technique in which the donor cow can be made to produce more number of eggs in a cycle by a gradual treatment of hormones. What is the technique known?


The techniques which have evolved from ‘ET’ and have an ability to manipulate the embryos which would further benefit in increasing transfer. Which is/are the technique from the following?


The cryopseivation is the most important technique, which is used for cloning and transfer, where the genes are conserved in the one of the following agent?


In the technique of artificial insemination, the semen is mixed with semen diluters. Following are some of the diluters given. Which are correct from them?


The semen dilution is neccessary for due to which of the following said reasons?


Which one among the following indicates a healthy feature of camel?


The Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) is also called mycoplasmosis What type of disease is the CRD?


An acute metabolic disease of a cattle which is observed in freshly calved cows is a milk fever. By deficiency of which of the following element it is caused?