Science Biology MCQ-252

General Science-Biology Practice Questions for CivilsPrelims, CDS, UPSC, RBI, NDA, JPSC, UPPSC, SSC Exams

Red colour of red sea is due to


Free floating sea weed which covers thousands of hectares in the part of North Atlantic ocean is


Agar-Agar is obtained from


Consider the following organism


Branch of botany in which we studied about fungi


Cell wall of fungi is made up of


The food material in fungi is stored in the form of


All fungi are always


Symbiotic association of mycorrhiza is between


Fungi grown on the bark of tree


Fungi which grow on cow dung are called


Which of the following do not have chlorophyll ?


The disease late blight of potato is caused by


Fungi used in baking industry


Penicillum is a


Early blight of potato is caused by


The antibiotic penicillin was first discovered by


Ergotism is caused due to


On industrial pencillin is obtain from


Inbakery when yeast is added in kneaded flour it become soft and spongy due to


Vegetative reproduction in yeast is by


Which of the following is edible fungi


LSD is obtained from


Antibiotic which was discovered first


Yeast is an important source of