Science Biology MCQ-246

General Science-Biology MCQ Quiz for PSU, NDA, DelhiPolice, UPSC, CDS, SSC, RRB, MPPSC Exams

The ”hidden hunger” refers to a deficiency j of which of the following nutrients?


Food fortification can help alleviate deficiencies of


A deficiency of iodine results in _____ in children.


Persons who practice extreme vegetarianism may have deficiencies of


In prolonged starvation, the greatest amount of deterioration occurs in


The cause of eliminating hunger would be aided by growing all of the following EXCEPT


Death occurring from diarrhea is primarily due to


In adults, an iodine deficiency can cause


An infant born with a genetic disorder called _____ can’t metabolize lactose and shouldn’t be breast-fed,


Two micronutrients necessary for the healthy production of sperm are _____ and zinc.


The moment when a sperm fertilizes an egg is called _____.


Lactoferr in is a protein in breast milk that binds to _____ and makes it unavailable to bacteria and viruses.


_____ that cause an adverse reaction by the immune system are called allergens,


Which nutrient does NOT need to be added to an infant’s diet?


Which activity is NOT safe for a pregnant woman?


Symptoms of a food allergy can include


Inadequate intakes of calcium and vitamin D during adolescence can increase the risk of _____ in later life.


The mineral is important for a healthy immune system.


A high_____ diet can prevent constipation.


Heavy drinking can exacerbate _____, which can lead to more drinking,


The skin’s ability to make vitamin _____ from sunlight declines with age.


Too much preformed vitamin A may increase the risk of


The requirement for vitamin D increases with age because


Why might older adults be in need of a B12 supplement?


Which food, when eaten in excess, is likely to be the culprit behind iron deficiency?