Science Biology MCQ-245

General Science-Biology Practice Questions for RRB, NDA, PSU, MPPSC, CDS, SSC, UPSC, DelhiPolice Exams

Which of the following nutrients is of special concern in the diets of young children?


The number of individuals 65 years of age and older is projected to _____ in the next decade.


What important role does zinc play in the body?


Children tend to be picky about strong-tasting foods because


Which of the following statements is true about nutrition in older adults (as compared to younger people)?


The class of semiconductors, known as I elemental, has special features. These are


How much CO2 is released annually from a 500 MW coal-fired power plant?


Blue LEDs are usually made of ______.


Which one of the following is an addition polymer with the same structure as polyethylene except that one hydrogen on every other carbon is replaced by a benzene ring?


Which of the following is not a natural polymer?


A category _______ plastic container will generally be the most easily recycled,


Which of the following is not a biopolymer?


A ______; liquid crystal has the least order and is the most liquid-like,


Which type of liquid crystal is colored and changes color with temperature?


Which of the following characteristics would prevent liquid crystal behaviour?


Inorganic compounds that are semiconductors have an average of _______ valence electrons,


The process of doping produces a ______ which can greatly _______ intrinsic conductivity.


Of the following chemical forms, ______ are not commonly found in ceramics,


A material is sintered by ______.


Advantages to replacement of metal parts used in high-temperature applications with ceramics include:

Ceramics are easily manufactured free of defects.

Ceramics are less dense than metals.
Ceramics are less brittle than metals.

Ceramics are more resistant to corrosion than metals,


Superconductors, high speed maglev trains, and MRI instruments owe their success to _______.


Superconductivity means that ______.


The material first shown to exhibit what we now call superconductivity was


As a polymer becomes more crystalline,


The monomer that is polymerized to make natural rubber is ______.