Reading Comprehension-7

Directions (Q. No. 1 -5 ): Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
Dear Shri Srinivas,

We regret very much that the radio you purchased from us was un satisfactory. You have every right to expect merchandise from this store to be in perfect condition, and we appreciate your telling us of this experience.
Our dispatch department makes every effort to see that every piece of merchandise is thoroughly inspected before it is sent out. Unfortunately, your radio was not inspected because of the negligence of one of our temporary employees.
We expect to receive another lot of Melody Radios tomorrow, and on Thursday we shall send you a new radio to replace the one you have.
Your patronage of our store during the past six years has been greatly appreciated. We want you to know that we value your friendship highly, and, for that reason, we wish to make each transaction satisfactory to you. If it is not, we hope this time so that we may make an equitable adjustment.
Yours very mate,
For, Melody Fine tone Company
1. The words “this experience” (last words of the first para) refer to:

(A) perfect condition of the merchandise purchased
(B) reasonable expectation of the customers
(C) appreciation by the dealer of the customer’s gesture
(D) defective condition of the radio purchased

2. For the defective radio sent to Srinivas, the dealer has blamed:

(A) The manufacturer
(B) One of his employees
(C) Soordas
(D) Srinivas

3. In case a defect is observed, the dealer expects the customers to:

(A) point it out to the dealer
(B) arrange for the repairs themselves
(C) appreciate the dealer’s inability
(D) bear with the defect

4. The above letter is in response to:

(A) a complaint made by a customer to a radio dealer
(B) a demand letter sent by a dealer to a customer
(C) a claim for compensation lodged by a dealer
(D) a request made by a customer for late dispatch of his radio

5. The letter states that on the next Thursday, the radio dealer is going to:

(A) refund the amount to Shri Srinivas
(B) receive another lot Melody Radios
(C) take back the defective radio
(D) give a new faultless radio in exchange of the earlier one