Reading Comprehension-4

Directions (Q. No. 1 -5 ): Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
One of the major crises facing the country is the looming water shortage. A recent report of the UN has named India among the worst countries for poor quality of water. The report ranks 122 countries according to the quality of their water as well as their ability and commitment to improve the situation. Belgium is considered the worst basically because of the quality of its ground water. Rains failed in most parts of India in 2009-10 and the vast areas of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa were in the grip of devastating drought. People without water turn desperate and violent. Villagers in Rajasthan last year attacked the Food Corporation god owns. Worse may be coming. With main polluters refusing to control pollution (America, the world’s greatest polluter, refuses to cooperate with other countries) the world is getting hotter. This means that the great ice shelves (weighing billions of tons) of the Antarctic are collapsing. We cannot even conceptualize the dangerous consequences. Last century, sea levels in Venice rose by one step of a staircase. This century they are expected to rise by five steps. An additional cause for Venice’s sinking is the draining of underground water table due to industrialization.
The water tables in our cities have also been going lower and lower. When ocean level rises, Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean will be the first to go under the waves. Citizens of that country are already migrating to New Zealand. Will citizens of Maldives crowd into Kerala? Will another mass migration from Bangladesh turn West Bengal upside down?
1. Citizens of Tuvalu are migrating to:

(A) Belgium
(B) West Indies
(C) Morocco
(D) New Zealand

2. Belgium, is suffering actually because of:

(A) the sluggish pace of its economy
(B) the discharge of industrial effluents
(C) quality of its ground water
(D) rising cost of living

3. Villagers in Rajasthan attacked Food Corporation god owns because of:

(A) low prices offered to them for wheat
(B) refusal of Food Corporation to buy wheat from the local farmers
(C) no financial help from the government bodies
(D) shortage of water

4. One of the reasons for Venice’s sinking is:

(A) Industrialization
(B) its proneness to earthquake
(C) felling of trees
(D) civil construction

5. The word devastating as used in the passage means:

(A) Fruitful
(B) Impressive
(C) Disastrous
(D) Developing