Reading Comprehension-1

General English -Reading Comprehension Questions

Directions (Q.01 – 10 ): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningful.

There is a strong Indian connection to the God particle. The …(1)… part of the term Higgs Boson honours Indian …(2)… Satyendranath Bose, whose work on quantum …(3)… formed the …(4)… of the Bose-Einstein statistics. While Einstein went on to be …(5)… as one of the greatest scientific geniuses, Bose remained largely unsung, …(6)… his work explained several concepts of physics. The Nobel Prize …(7)… him. The CERN experiment has around 50 Indian scientists on …(8)…. Several Indian …(9)… like the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Punjab university, Bhabha Atomic Research centre, Delhi university and Viswabharathi university are part of the …(10)….
At Number 1:

(A) former
(B) later
(C) latter
(D) ex
(E) only

At Number 2

(A) chemist
(B) physicist
(C) psychologist
(D) mathematician
(E) philosopher

At Number 3

(A) engineering
(B) mechanics
(C) thesis
(D) science
(E) particle

At Number 4

(A) basis
(B) fundamentals
(C) reasons
(D) causes
(E) platforms

At Number 5

(A) known
(B) honoured
(C) selected
(D) regarded
(E) welcomed

At Number 6

(A) from
(B) to
(C) with
(D) by
(E) though

At Number 7

(A) escaped
(B) left
(C) eluded
(D) deceived
(E) granted

At Number 8

(A) road
(B) board
(C) platform
(D) airport
(E) way

At Number 9

(A) colleges
(B) schools
(C) institutions
(D) universities
(E) firms

At Number 10

(A) program
(B) programme
(C) project
(D) commission
(E) committee