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Volcanoes that are characterised by explosive eruptions and the ejection of a wide range of pyroclastic materials are known as


The most suitable climate for physical weathering would be


The term ‘Grade’, for a river tends to attain a condition of equilibrium, was first introduced by


Which among following is not a condition supporting for the formation of deltas ?

(a) Active vertical and lateral erosion in the upper course of the river
(b) The coast should be tide less
(c) The sea adjoining the delta should be shallow
(d) There should be large lake in the river course Faulting is caused by


Alpine mountain system is an example of


Among the following which climatic type is NOT an example of cool temperate climatic zone


Match the following


A. Mediterranean evergreen forest (i) Jaffa
B.Evergreen coniferous trees (ii) Cypresses
C. Mediterranean shrubs (iii) Garrigne
D. Orchard Farming (iv) giant Sequoia



Polar front theory is propounded by


Greenhouse effect is an outcome of


Appleton layer is


Among given processes which is the least effective, as far as the Earth’s atmosphere’s heating is concerned?


If temperature of a place decreases suddenly, its relative humidity will


Glacial control theory related to the origin of Coral reefs is propounded by


Most of the world’s greatest seaport including Southampton, London, Hamburg, Rotterdom, Hongkong and Singapore are located on


Among the following Ocean Currents which is not located in North Atlantic Ocean ?


Which Ocean does not have any central ridge ?


Correct decreasing order of oceanic deposits according to their presence in Indian ocean is


The world’s orchard lands are vegetation type of


Eucalyptus Quebracho, Parana pine, Yarba mate, wattle are vegetation type mainly found in


Which among following does not fall under Laurentian type of vegetation region,