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MS DOS is usually supplied on a ____

Which one of the software needs a compiler for its execution?

The life of a key switch in a modem keyboard is _____

Windows is popular because of its ____

Graphics is inserted in _____

Bug means _____

A daemon wakes up _____

Which one of the following cannot be used to enter a date?

In order to delete the selected sentence, we can press the following key _____

Indicate which one of the following best describes the term Software _____

Which one of the items given below is not an item of the Menu Bar?

Which one of the following is not an internal DOS command?

Fifth generation computers are likely to exhibit

As compared to diskettes, the third disks are

The two kinds of main memory are

The first computer mouse is built by

The barcode which is used on all types of items, is read by a scanning device directly into the computer. What is the name of this scanning device?

The OCR stands for

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) consists of

An Integrated Circuit (1C) is

Choose the odd one out

The computer that is not considered as a portable computer is

The unit of speed used for super computer is

UNIVAC is an example of

The unit that performs the arithmetical and logical operations on the stored numbers is known as

The-. is the ‘administrative’ section of the computer system.

The number system on which the modern computers operate

A terabyte comprises

The access time refers to

Select the smallest memory size

The type of memory that uses in-circuit wiring to erase the content by applying electric field is

The secondary storage device that follows the sequential mode of access is