Quiz No:2536 Computer/IT Practice Exam for LICADO, IBPSClerks, CWE, SBIPO, Bank Exams, PSUBankPO, ICICIPO, BankPO, RBI Exams

Computer/IT Awareness Practice Questions for RBI, LICAAO, GICADO, IBPS Clerks, insurance, CWE, SBIPO’s, Bank Exams Exams

To put information in a file on a magnetic disk, or in a computer’s memory, so it can be used later _____.

Use this when you want to make all letters , capital without having to use the shift key for each character.

What characteristic of read-only memory (ROM) makes it useful?

What is the name for the process that is used to convert a series of instructions, or program, written in a high-level language into instructions (or a program) that can be run on a computer?

What menu is selected to print?

What menu is selected to save to save as?

What type of resource is most likely to be a shared common resource in a computer network?

When your computer stops working suddenly, it is referred to as a _____.

Which is the part of a computer that one can touch and feel?

Which keys can be used together with other keys for special tasks?

Which of the following is not an output device?

Which of the following is not the major function of a computer?

Which of the following peripheral devices displays information to a user?

Which of the following statements best describes the batch method of input?

Which type of memory holds only the program and data that CPU is presently processing?

You can use the tab key to _____.

(A)n _is a combination of hard ware and software that facilitates the sharing of information between computing devices.

_________ is a form of permanent memory that holds all the instructions the computer needs to start up and does not get erased when the power is turned off.

A__ pre-designed document that already has coordinating fonts, a layout, and a background,

A collection of related information sorted and dealt with as a unit is a ____

A disk’s content that is recorded at the time of manufacture and that cannot be changed or erased by the user

A repair for a known software bug, usually available at no charge on the Internet, is called a(n)_____

A word in a web page that, when clicked, opens another document is called____

A is an electronic device that process data, converting it into information

Array is: