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India is among the leading producers of __ in the world


Rajghat dam is situated on river:


Which is the longest dam in India?


Famous meteorologist Koppen has divided India into how many climatic regions ?


The Indian Agricultural Research Institute has divided Indian soils into


Which of the following soils is most suitable for cultivation of cereals?


Which of the following types of soils have a marked capacity to retain water?


The zonal soil type of peninsular India belongs to


Under which climatic conditions do the laterite soils develop?


Which of the following measures are effective for soil conservation in India?

I. Avoiding crop rotation
II. Afforestation
III. Encouraging the use of chemical fertilizers
IV. Limiting shifting cultivation


Deforestation results in:

1. flora destruction
2. fauna destruction
3. ecological imbalance


The soil formed by the deposition of silt brought by rivers is :


The Red soils develop a reddish colour due to:


Which of the following soils is very hard to cultivate?


Which of the following types of soil are mostly confined to river basins and coastal plains of India?


The soil which is a mixture of sand, clay and silt is known as:


Which of the following soils is best suited for cotton?


Which among the following soils is rather infertile?


Which of the following characteristics is not true of alluvial soils?


Of the following statements about the major soil types, the incorrect one is :


Match the following:

A. Alluvial Soil 1. Cotton
B. Black Soil 2. Pulses
C. Brown Soil 3. Tea
D. Red Soil 4. Wheat



Match the following:

A. Alluvial soil 1. high land of soil of plateaus
B. Black soils 2. on the periphery of plateaus
C. Red soil 3. river basin sand coastal plains
D. Laterite soils 4. deccan lava tract



On the basis of the process of their formation, which’ of the following soils is formed differently from the other three?


The major crops grown on red soil in India are the


Which of the following are true in respect of alluvial soil?

I. Generally confined to river basins
II. It has been deposited by rivers
III. It is rich in phosphorus and poor in potash
IV. It is the most fertile soil