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Tummalapalli in Andhra Pradesh has recently come on the world map for its largest


Lunej Petrol producing area is located in


The largest oil field of Gujarat is in


New Oil field in upper Assam are in


When was petroleum discovered first in commercial quantities in India ?


Raniganj coal field is in


Haldia refinery is located in


Production of oil from Bombay high was started in


Korba coal field is in


The potential capacity of power production in India at present in


Arrange the following sectors in descending order in terms of percentage commercial utilization of power in India


Pooga valley and Manikaran are associated with


India’s first solar ponds Bhuj Solar Pond project is being constructed in the state of


The number of atomic power plants existing in India today is


Which of the following multipurpose project and the rivers on which they are situated in not correctly matched


The non convectional sources contribution to the total energy production is


Match the following List-I (Type of source of energy) and List-II (% of total production)


Which one of the following plant is not a thermal plant:


The first hydroelectric plant in India was set up at


In the development of hydroelectricity the pioneering state was


Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists–

List-I (Projects)

A. Sardar Sarovar
B. Dulhasti
C. Kadam
D. Gerusoppa

List-II (Location)

1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Karnataka
3. Gujarat
4. J and K




Which of the following reservoirs is constructed on Chambal ?


Which part is not correctly matched


The first hydro electric power station was constructed 1902 at


Shimsa Hydroelectric station is located in