Quiz No:2175 Geography MCQ Test for APPSC, CDS, BiharSSC, UPSC, NDA, SSC, IncomeTax, IES, RBI Exams

Geography objective Quiz for CDS, B.Ed., CivilsPrelims, SSC, TNPSC, UPSC, RRC, Customs Exams

”Who controls the Rimland rules Eurasia, who rules Eurasia rules the world


Match the following and select the correct answer from the code given below
A. Bauxite 1. Manchuria
B. Iron-Ore 2. Kinta Valley
C. Tin 3. Chuchicamata
D. Copper 4. Rhine Valley




Batuni is


Match the following

List – I List


The rule establishing relationship between urban size and intensity of landuse is called


Wet point settlements are situated


The early days international migration was induced by/for


Most important wool exporter is


Tropical deciduous forests shed their leaves during


Silviculture is associated with


The main problem in the building activities in the northern Siberian region is


Most parts of Australia have low population density because


Match of following
List – I —– List – II
A; Levee 1. Wind
B. Drumlin 2. Glacier
C. Poliye 3. Running water
D. Seef 4. Underground water
Codes :



Which oceanic current is associated with ‘El-Nino’


Maximum type of plant and animals are found in


In Welsh, Cirque is known as


Match the following


Correct order of Plistocene Glacial ages is


Cyclonic Rainfall is most common in


Process of chemical weathering is the dominani process in