General Science MCQ-56

General Science Practice Test for IASPrelims,SSC,RRB,NDA,MPPSC,KeralaPSC,CDS,KPSC Exams

The specific aim of ecology is to study


Ecology is to environmental science


What is not an advantage to the Aswan Dam?


What is not an indirect service of the world’s ecosystems ?


Which hypothesis, concerning diversity on Earth, states that biodiversity and ecosystem function are not linked?


Which type of experiment has the maximum spatial scale?


Nutrient cycling often operates at the scale of


A term biotype means-


In which of the following the maximum plant diversity is found-


A high BOD value in aquatic environment is indicative of-


Atmospheric ozone layer which protect us from UV-B & C is getting depleted most by addition of-


Insectivorous plant generally grow in soil which is deficient in


In India, Tropical rain forest occurs in-


”Green house effect” with respect to global warming refers to-


The Ecological pyramid that is always upright


Pollution of big cities can be controlled to large extent by-


The best source of Vitamin C among the following:


Logo of WWF-N is


Organization responsible for maintaining Red Data Book/Red List is


In your opinion, which is the most effective way to < conserve the plant diversity of an area?


Which one of the following is a pair of endangered species?


If the Bengal tiger becomes extinct


Which of the following animals is protected in Kaziranga Sanctuary of Assam?


Which of the following is not done in a wildlife sanctuary?


First national park developed in India is