Marketing Aptitude MCQ-147

Selling is _____

(A) Different from marketing
(B) A sub-function of marketing
(C) Same as marketing
(D) More than marketing
(E) None of these

Digital Marketing is the same as

(A) Online marketing
(B) Cross-selling
(C) Website designing
(D) Road shows
(E) Door-to-door marketing

The following offering is NOT a service:

(A) Fixed deposit receipt
(B) Postage stamp
(C) Gift coupon of a chain store
(D) Insurance Policy
(E) All of these

Customer retention means:

(A) Retaining the customer at the bank for the full day
(B) quick disposal
(C) customer dealing with the same bank for a long time
(D) better standards
(E) all of these

Reference group influences vis-a-vis consumption decision, is a function of the __

(A) Product category
(B) Group characteristics
(C) Group communication process
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

In marketing mix 4 P’s imply

(A) Product, Price, Place, Promotion
(B) Product, Price, Policy, Place
(C) Product, Place, Promotion, Policy
(D) Place, People, Product, Policy
(E) Promotion, Product, Price, People

Market Research is needed

(A) For extra service charges
(B) For levy of VAT
(C) For good customer service
(D) For effective selling
(E) There is no need for Market Research

HNI means

(A) High income individual
(B) Honest marketing staff
(C) High network individual
(D) Honest Neutral Individual
(E) None of these

Cross selling can be resorted to __

(A) All sales persons
(B) All employees
(C) All employers
(D) Outsourced agencies
(E) All service providers

“Conversion” in sales language means __

(A) Converting a buyer into a seller
(B) Converting a seller into buyer
(C) Converting a prospect into a client
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

To ‘Close a Call’ means ___

(A) To end the conversation
(B) To put the phone down
(C) To close the door
(D) To clinch the sale
(E) To close the business

Conversion means ____

(A) Meeting a prospective client
(B) Interactive with a prospective client
(C) Converting an employer into an employee
(D) Converting a seller to a buyer
(E) Converting a prospective client into a buyer

Mutual Funds’ investments can be effectively canvassed among

(A) Only salaried persons
(B) Students availing Education loans
(C) HNI customers
(D) Sunrise industries
(E) Poor farmers

Mohan Sawhney has proposed the concept of ___ to describe a cluster of complementary products and services that are closely related in the minds of consumers but are spread across a diverse set of industries.

(A) Meta market
(B) Vertical integration
(C) Horizontal integration
(D) Betamarket

Electrical goods such as TVs, videos, stereo systems etc, used for home entertainment are known as

(A) White Goods
(B) Green Goods
(C) Red Goods
(D) Blue Goods
(E) Brown Goods