Marketing Aptitude MCQ-165

Full form of DSA is ______

(A) Delivery Staff Agency
(B) Direct Selling Agency
(C) Distributors and Supply Agency
(D) Driving Sales Ahead
(E) None of these

If a company were to make a product such as a suit of clothes and sold that product to a retailer, the company would have sold to the ____ market.

(A) reseller
(B) business
(C) government
(D) service
(E) None of these

Which of the following is an indirect tax?

(A) Wealth tax
(B) Corporation tax
(C) Excise duty
(D) Capital gains tax
(E) None of these

The type of sales force structure in which the sales force sells along product lines is called a :

(A) territorial sales force
(B) product sales force
(C) customer sales force
(D) retail sales force
(E) none of these

When very little is known about the problem being examined, which type of marketing research is done?

(A) Exploratory Research
(B) Descriptive Research
(C) Casual Research
(D) Predictive Research
(E) None of these

Innovation means

(A) Compensation
(B) Inspiration
(C) Additional perquisites
(D) Implementing new ideas or new methods
(E) None of these

Internal marketing means ____

(A) Marketing to self
(B) Marketing to family members
(C) Marketing to the staff members
(D) Marketing inside India
(E) Marketing outside India

‘Push’ marketing style requires

(A) Collective effort
(B) Good pushing strength
(C) Lengthy talks
(D) Ability to identify the leads
(E) Aggressive marketing

A ______ discount is offered by the seller to intermediary who performs functions like selling, storing and record Keeping.

(A) Quantity
(B) Trade
(C) Cash
(D) Seasonal
(E) All of these

For customer oriented company, customer satisfaction is:

(A) target
(B) marketing tool
(C) enterprise of profit
(D) both land 2
(E) all of these

Assigning specific jobs and work places to the selected candidates is known as __

(A) Placement
(B) Recruitment
(C) Transfer
(D) Promotion
(E) None of these

When a firm sells off part of its business to another organization, it is called

(A) Diversification
(B) Divestment
(C) Pruning
(D) Strategy
(E) Joint venture

Bank marketing is necessary due to __

(A) Globalization
(B) Recession
(C) Merger of Banks
(D) Shortage of resources
(E) Selling various different items in banks.

Customer service

(A) Is an integral part of marketing
(B) Has no role in marketing
(C) Is required only by salesman
(D) Is not required by salesman
(E) None of these

“Outsourcing” means service rendered by__

(A) Outside agencies
(B) Other departments of the company
(C) Employees, other than the sales persons
(D) Marketing department
(E) All of these