Marketing Aptitude MCQ-171

One of the following is a target group for the marketing of Internet Banking.

(A) All the customers
(B) All the educated customers
(C) All the computer educated customers
(D) Only creditors
(E) All of these

Market share can be increased by ____

(A) Selling with a cross face
(B) Cross country marketing
(C) Selling other products to existing customers
(D) Selling to employees
(E) None of these

Web marketing involves _______

(A) Selling web cameras
(B) Web advertisements
(C) E-mail chatting
(D) Browsing the web
(E) None of these

The goal of the marketing logistics system should be to provide :

(A) a targeted level of promotional support
(B) a targeted level of customer service at the least cost
(C) a targeted level of transportation expense ratio
(D) a targeted level of field support
(E) None of these

Delivery channels other than Bank counters are _______.

(A) ATM’s
(B) Internet Banking
(C) Tele Banking
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Technological advances, shifts in consumer tastes, and increased competition, all of which reduce demand for a product are typical of which stage in the PLC?

(A) decline stage
(B) introduction stage
(C) growth stage
(D) maturity stage
(E) none of these

Which among the following is/are user/users of the outcome of the Marketing Research?

(A) Consumers
(B) Business Firms
(C) Government
(D) Producers
(E) All the above

“Benchmark” means ______

(A) Benches for customers to sit
(B) Set standards
(C) Benches for salesmen to sit
(D) Products displayed on a bench
(E) All of the above

A good and effective DSA should ——–

(A) Copy the competitor company
(B) Criticize the competitor company
(C) Join the competitor company
(D) Be passive
(E) Be more effective than the competitor Company

The task of marketing involves

(A) Opening new branches
(B) Buying a company
(C) Selling a company
(D) Selling products and services of a company
(E) Mergers

Bank of Mathura is offering 1 % higher interest rate on fixed deposit to senior citizens of 60 years and above. It is practicing_______.

(A) Promotional pricing
(B) Psychological pricing
(C) Segmental pricing
(D) Product mix pricing
(E) All of these

Demand consists:

(A) want or need
(B) willingness to spend
(C) resource to purchase
(D) only 1 and 2
(E) all of these

Which of the following is not included in fringe benefits available to an employee?

(A) Old age survivors benefits
(B) Pensions
(C) Gratitude
(D) Both (1) and (2)
(E) None of these

ACE provides door-to-door service for Godrej and McDonald products, it is an example of

(A) Third party delivery
(B) First party delivery
(C) Multi-channel delivery
(D) Diversified Marketing
(E) Horizontal Marketing

Customer database is used by

(A) Individuals
(B) Institutions
(C) Builders
(D) Marketing experts
(E) None of these