Marketing Aptitude MCQ-143

Which of the following remedies is/are ensured by the Consumer Protection Act, 1986?

(A) Replacement of defective goods with new goods
(B) Return of price paid by the consumer.
(C) Payment of compensation for any loss or injury suffered by the consumer
(D) Provide for adequate cost to the aggrieved party.
(E) All of the above

SSTS refers to ___.

(A) self-service technologies
(B) self-service treatments
(C) service standards testing
(D) superior service technologies
(E) standard service technologies

Market Size means _______

(A) Size of marketing Staff
(B) Size of the organization
(C) Scope for profits
(D) Scope for marketing
(E) None of these

On the basis of geographical area, this kind of market does NOT exist:

(A) Retail Market
(B) Local Market
(C) Regional Market
(D) National Market
(E) Global Market

Marketing in Banks is required for ______

(A) EMI is very low
(B) EMI is very high
(C) EMI is fluctuating
(D) EMI is constant
(E) EMI is ballooning

One of the following is NOT included in the 7 P’s of Marketing. Find the same.

(A) Product
(B) Price
(C) Production
(D) Promotion
(E) People

Innovation in marketing is same as:

(A) Motivation
(B) Inspiration
(C) Aspiration
(D) Creativity
(E) Team work

It is difficult to measure the morale of the sales team directly because

(A) It is a tangible state
(B) It is an intangible state
(C) Employees hide the truth
(D) All the above
(E) None of these

Which of the following is NOT a work of marketing?

(A) Grading
(B) Packaging
(C) Pricing
(D) Accounting
(E) None of these

A ‘Buyers’ Market’ means:

(A) buyers are also sellers
(B) sellers are also buyers
(C) there are no sellers
(D) supply exceeds demand
(E) none of these

Which among the following is NOT an example of direct marketing?

(A) Tele-marketing
(B) Sales on internet
(C) Mail order sales
(D) Retail stores
(E) None of these

Service Marketing is the same as:

(A) Relationship Marketing
(B) Transaction Marketing
(C) Internal Marketing
(D) All of those
(E) None of these

Which of the following is a part of Marketing Management?

(A) Identification of Business Opportunities
(B) Understanding the Customer needs
(C) Producing according to customer needs
(D) Delivering as per Customer convenience
(E) All the above

A prospect means

(A) Any customer who walks into the bank
(B) An employee of the bank
(C) A customer who is likely to be interested in bank’s product or service
(D) A depositor of the bank
(E) A borrower of the bank

A DSA (Direct Selling Agent) is one ______

(A) Who sells through the internet
(B) Who works on the bank counters
(C) Who works in bank office setup
(D) Who sells direct to the client
(E) None of the above