Marketing Aptitude MCQ-158

Personal selling tries to achieve three general goals: finding prospects, convincing prospects to buy, and _______.

(A) Keeping customers satisfied
(B) Monitoring new products being developed
(C) Being aware of competitors’ sales activities
(D) Avoiding repeat sales
(E) Keeping rapport with distribution channels

The use of technology designed to make the sales function more effective and efficient is called:

(A) sales force automation
(B) commercial hacking
(C) field computerization
(D) decentralization
(E) all of the above

It is common for international marketers to _____ their channel strategies for each country.

(A) adapt
(B) extend
(C) seek approval for
(D) eliminate
(E) restrict

Digital banking means

(A) Banking with calculators
(B) Banking with digital instruments
(C) Internet banking and tele banking
(D) Export finance
(E) None of the above

Companies can build interest and enthusiasm by using databases to remember customer preferences. This strategy helps to___.

(A) reactivate dormant customers
(B) identify prospects
(C) deepen customer loyalty
(D) avoid serious customer mistakes
(E) decide which customers should receive a particular offer

As per Consumer Protection Act, 1986, district Forum shall have jurisdiction to entertain complaints where the value of the goods or services and the compensation, if any, claimed does not exceed rupees:

(A) Ten Lakhs
(B) Twenty lakhs
(C) Thirty lakhs
(D) Fifty lakhs
(E) Not mentioned

The intangibility of services has implications for the choice of ___.

(A) location
(B) price
(C) brand elements
(D) product features
(E) channels of distribution

A presentation means ______

(A) Display of products
(B) Explaining the utility of products
(C) A gift
(D) Display of communication skills
(E) All of the above

Which of the following additional tools are included in the marketing mix for services?

(A) People
(B) Physical evidence
(C) Process
(D) All the above
(E) None of the above

Customer database is useful for –

(A) advertisements
(B) word-of-mouth publicity
(C) CRM Functions
(D) PR functions
(E) sales persons training

A market where there are many sellers offering an identical product and where there is free entry to the market is known as –

(A) Monopoly
(B) Oligopoly
(C) Perfect competition
(D) Monopolistic competition
(E) None of above

Market Expansion means

(A) firing more staff
(B) buying more products
(C) hiring more staff
(D) buying more companies
(E) None of these

The target group for Education loan is

(A) All colleges
(B) All parents
(C) Research scholars
(D) Meritorious students seeking higher education
(E) None of these

Target group for home loans is

(A) Existing creditors
(B) Individuals
(C) Persons having one or more than one house
(D) Builders
(E) None of these

The advantages of audience selectivity, no ad competition and personalization apply to which type of media?

(A) Newspapers
(B) Television
(C) Direct Mail
(D) Radio
(E) None of these