Marketing Aptitude MCQ-149

One of the following is not a function of retail banking

(A) Accepting fixed deposits
(B) Giving home loans
(C) Giving education loans
(D) Joint ventures
(E) None of the above

Frequency programs (FP’s) are designed to provide rewards to ___.

(A) customers who buy frequently and in substantial amounts
(B) customers who buy frequently but in small amounts
(C) customers who buy infrequently in large amounts
(D) customers who buy infrequently in small amounts
(E) customers who need to be encouraged to buy more frequently

Consumer is who:

(A) Produces goods
(B) Buys goods
(C) Hires services
(D) Both (1) and (2)
(E) Both (2) and (3)

Which of the following is NOT a mechanism for managing customer service quality?

(A) Implementation of (JIT) Just in Time
(B) Implementation of (TQM)
(C) Customer focus groups
(D) Customer surveys
(E) All of the above

Internal Marketing means ______

(A) Selling to oneself
(B) Selling to the employees
(C) Selling of samples
(D) Selling to foreign markets
(E) None of these

Services offered by the banks fall under category of goods:

(A) Inseparable
(B) Which can be touched
(C) Intangible
(D) Which can be evaluated only after use
(E) All the above

Publicity is required for:

(A) generating more number of leads
(B) better training of sales persons
(C) market survey
(D) product designing
(E) OTC Marketing

What two factors determine prices in a market?

(A) Demand and supply
(B) Inflation and unemployment
(C) Number of buyers and sellers
(D) Interest rates and exchange rates
(E) None of these

Promotion in Marketing means

(A) passing an examination
(B) elevation from one grade to another
(C) selling the products through various means
(D) selling the product in specific areas
(E) None of these

Sales targets are fixed on the basis of

(A) Past experience
(B) Time period
(C) Brand position
(D) All the above
(E) None of these

Which of the following is NOT a product of bank?

(A) Demat Account
(B) Bank Building
(C) Auto Loan
(D) Home Loan
(E) None of these

Marketing in Banks is required for:

(A) Getting new customers
(B) Retaining existing customers
(C) Lending
(D) Accepting of deposits
(E) All of these

A true marketing requires

(A) Command and order mindset
(B) Control mindset
(C) Active mindset
(D) Passive mindset
(E) None of these

In ‘Double-win’ strategy-

(A) Customer gets an additional benefit
(B) Customer gets price debate
(C) Both customs and the sales person come out with sense of satisfaction
(D) Both (1) and (2)
(E) None of these

For promotion under 4Ps which aspect is NOT taken into account?

(A) Advertisement
(B) Sales Promotion
(C) Sales Force
(D) Public Relations
(E) None of the above