Marketing Aptitude MCQ-169

In modern day marketing, the benefit of selling extend to __

(A) Only products and services
(B) Only after sales services
(C) Life long relationship with the buyer
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Non-product selling means____.

(A) Selling variety of products
(B) Selling only one product
(C) Selling seasonal products
(D) Selling Services
(E) All of these

Market Segmentation is useful for

(A) Preferential marketing
(B) Targeting existing client
(C) Identifying prospects
(D) Knowing customers’ tastes
(E) All of the above

The performance of a sales person depends on

(A) Salary paid
(B) Sales incentives paid
(C) Size of the sales team
(D) Ability and willingness of the sales person
(E) Team leader aggressiveness

Optimum results in marketing is possible through

(A) Increased production
(B) More number of products
(C) More sales person
(D) Motivated staff
(E) More ATMs

B2B means

(A) Buyer to brand
(B) Business to business
(C) Business to buyer
(D) None of these

Telemarketing means

(A) Internet marketing
(B) Selling telephones
(C) Door-to-door contacts
(D) Sending and receiving SMS
(E) Marketing through telephone calls

Telemarketing campaigns are resorted to

(A) Avoid face to face interactions
(B) Avoid ‘buyer resistance’
(C) Reach a larger clientele
(D) Increase cold calls
(E) Reduce profits

Marketing is a Social-economic activity because:

(A) Marketing is related with Social Satisfaction
(B) It is a Social Person
(C) It is a Corporate Citizen
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

In PEST analysis ‘T’ represents:

(A) Technological
(B) Traditional
(C) Total
(D) Trend
(E) Trans-national

Marketing Planning helps to minimize future uncertainties because?

(A) Future is uncertain
(B) Future is bright
(C) Future is Dark
(D) Future is vast
(E) None of these

Actions of consumers in the marketing place and the underlying motives for these actions are known as ___.

(A) Consumer Motives
(B) Consumer Action
(C) Consumer Behavior
(D) Consumer Emotions
(E) None of these

Market Segmentation is useful for

(A) Preferential marketing
(B) Targeting existing clients
(C) Identifying prospects
(D) Knowing customer’s tastes
(E) All of the above

Which of the following methods of sales forecasting is of particular use for fashion products and products that respond to seasonal changes throughout the year?

(A) The Sales force Estimation Method
(B) The Delphi Method
(C) Time Series Analysis Method
(D) Statistical Correlation Method
(E) None of the above

Which of the following constitute a brand?

(A) Name
(B) Design
(C) Term
(D) Symbol
(E) All of these