Marketing Aptitude MCQ-152

Sometimes a producer chooses only a few dealers in a territory to distribute its products or services. Generally these dealers are given a right to _____ distribution.

(A) intensive
(B) exclusive
(C) corporate
(D) administered
(E) selected

Retail banking means

(A) Retail shopkeepers
(B) Banks financing to retail traders
(C) Same as universal banking
(D) Giving loans to corporate
(E) Giving consumer loans to various public

A ___ is an organized collection of comprehensive information about individual customers or prospects.

(A) customer mailing list
(B) data mine
(C) marketing database
(D) customer database
(E) None of the above

Which of the following is/are the means of consumer protection?

(A) Public Interest Litigation
(B) Lok Adalats
(C) Awareness Programme
(D) Statutory bodies
(E) All of the above

Which of the following is not one of the five characteristics of services?

(A) Inseparability
(B) Perish ability
(C) Lack of ownership
(D) Heterogeneity
(E) Tangibility

A ‘Call’ means

(A) A profession
(B) Tele-talk
(C) Calling on a Prospect
(D) A call center
(E) All of the above

It is difficult to standardize the output of certain services, as these are delivered by human beings. This element is reflected in which of the following terms.

(A) Intangible
(B) Inseparable
(C) Heterogeneous
(D) Perishable
(E) All the above

NAV is the price of

(A) Entire fund value
(B) one unit of a fund
(C) surrender value
(D) average value of shares
(E) dividends paid in a year

Which of the following is NOT an example of legal trading activity?

(A) Cartels
(B) Price fixing
(C) Market sharing
(D) Discounting the price of new products
(E) None of these

Sources of Sales Leads are

(A) Data Mining
(B) Market Research
(C) Media Outlets
(D) Promotional Programs
(E) All of these

A marketing survey is required for __

(A) Deciding marketing strategies
(B) Deciding product strategies
(C) Deciding pricing strategies
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Value added Services means?

(A) Costlier Products
(B) Larger number of products
(C) Additional Services
(D) At par services
(E) None of these

Safe deposit locker can be canvassed among

(A) Persons below poverty line
(B) All existing account holders
(C) ATM cardholders
(D) Students
(E) None of these

A non-traditional, low cost, flexible and highly effective marketing is termed as:

(A) Strategic marketing
(B) Guerilla Marketing
(C) Direct Marketing
(D) Indirect Marketing
(E) None of these

Consumer behavior is ‘Perception is a process through which

(A) a consumer make ultimate purchasing
(B) a consumer is satisfied
(C) a consumer’s mind receives, organizes and interprets physical stimuli
(D) Both (1) and (3)
(E) None of these