Marketing Aptitude MCQ-153

In 4Ps model for marketing, the place relates to which aspect?

(A) Distribution
(B) Production
(C) Transportation
(D) 1&3
(E) 2&3

Who is the King of a Bank?

(A) Bank’s Chartered Accountant
(B) Bank’s Employee
(C) Bank’s customers
(D) Bank’s Manager
(E) All of these

Good selling skills involve ______

(A) Patience
(B) Presence
(C) Empathy
(D) Knowledge
(E) All of these

Customization results in

(A) Customer exit
(B) Customer retention
(C) Customer complaints
(D) Better balance sheet figures
(E) Better technology

Economists use the term _______ to refer to a collection of buyers and sellers who transact in a particular product class.

(A) Customer
(B) Market
(C) Experience
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Which of the following is target customer?

(A) structure
(B) factors
(C) future customer
(D) suppliers and producers
(E) none of these

Gate keepers __

(A) Use the products
(B) Reports on product performance
(C) Control the flow of information into buying Centre
(D) Issue challan for discharge of products
(E) None of these

Marketing planning helps in

(A) Avoiding future uncertainties
(B) Achieving objectives
(C) Control
(D) Complete satisfaction
(E) All of the above

4 P’s of marketing means:

(A) Primary Marketing techniques
(B) Person, Place, Product and Promotion
(C) Promoting Authority
(D) Purpose, place, passion and product
(E) None of these

Market plan is

(A) An action plan for day-to-day marketing
(B) Effective selling steps
(C) Effective buying steps
(D) A comprehensive document for marketing strategies
(E) All of these

Market penetration connotes __

(A) Covering a wide area of the market for sales
(B) Entering the buyers’ house
(C) Entering the sellers’ house
(D) Entering all shops and business houses
(E) All of these

Leads can be provided by __

(A) Friends and relatives
(B) Websites
(C) Directories
(D) Colleagues
(E) All of these

A ‘Call’ in marketing language means ___

(A) Calling on a sales person
(B) Calling on a customer
(C) Making a phone-call
(D) Tele-marketing
(E) None of these

Modern styles of marketing include _____

(A) Digital marketing
(B) Tele marketing
(C) E-commerce
(D) E-mails solicitation
(E) All of these

The target group for personal loans is

(A) All private limited companies
(B) All businessmen
(C) All salaried persons
(D) Minor children
(E) Newborn infants