Marketing Aptitude MCQ-166

Marketing is a function undertaken by_

(A) All DSAs
(B) All front-office staff
(C) Whole organization
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Cross-selling means ___

(A) Selling with a cross face
(B) Cross country marketing
(C) Selling other products to existing customers
(D) Selling to friends
(E) Selling to employees

Efficient marketing style requires

(A) Proper planning
(B) Good communication skills
(C) Team work
(D) Knowledge of products
(E) All of these

“Value Added Services” implies

(A) Additional knowledge of marketing staff
(B) Service beyond normal hours
(C) Service with extra facilities
(D) Marketing agencies
(E) Overtime work

Segmentation is :

(A) A method to divide the market in to different groups according to age only
(B) A method to understand consumer behaviour
(C) A method used to divide the market in different individual groups of similar needs or wants
(D) None of these

The process of discovering patterns and relationships using the available customer data to reveal what customers want and how they act is known as

(A) Data warehousing
(B) Data base
(C) Data mining
(D) Data building
(E) Data matching

The traditional marketing style involves

(A) Door-to-door campaigns
(B) Sending e-mails
(C) Telemarketing
(D) SMS campaigns
(E) Virtual marketing

What is the basis of marketing?

(A) Net Sales and Net Profit
(B) Exchange
(C) Profit
(D) Packaging
(E) All of these

Which of the following constitute the socio- cultural environment?

(A) Climate
(B) Government
(C) Physiographic
(D) Traditions and customs
(E) None of the above

Promotion of marketing means?

(A) Passing an exam
(B) Selling the products through various means
(C) Elevation from one grade to another
(D) Selling the product in specific area
(E) None of the above

How many principles are contained in the UK Data Protection Act 1998?

(A) Eight
(B) Ten
(C) Twelve
(D) Fourteen
(E) Sixteen

The criteria for an effective market segmentation can be grouped as:

(A) Measurable
(B) Accessible
(C) Market responsive
(D) All of the above
(E) None of the above

Which of the following translates the marketing plan into marketing performance?

(A) Finance Management
(B) Sales Management
(C) Accounting Management
(D) Marketing Management
(E) None of the above

The aim of packaging is:

(A) To make product attractive
(B) To make product distinctive
(C) To make product safe against storage
(D) To make product safe against transportation
(E) Both 3 and 4

The collective perceptions and impressions people have formed about an organization, its products and/or its service, is known as its

(A) Brand Value
(B) Brand Asset
(C) Brand Architecture
(D) Brand Image
(E) Brand Attribute