Marketing Aptitude MCQ-167

Mail advertising includes:

(A) Novelty gift
(B) Booklets
(C) Price list
(D) Business reply envelope
(E) All of the above

Which of the following are tools for sales promotion?

(A) Coupon
(B) Demonstrations
(C) Money-refund orders
(D) Premium
(E) All of the above

The performance of a sales person depends on

(A) Ability and willingness of the salesperson
(B) Incentive paid
(C) Size of the sales team
(D) Team leader’s attitude
(E) His aggressive nature

If the aim of the promotion to introduce a new consumer product is to achieve high awareness levels, the firm will most likely make heavy use of ____ in the promotional mix.

(A) Sales promotion
(B) Personal selling
(C) Publicity
(D) Advertising
(E) None of the above

Good selling skills involve

(A) Patience
(B) Perseverance
(C) Empathy
(D) Knowledge
(E) All of the above

Marketing logistics involves getting the right product to the right customer in the right place at the right time. Which one of the following is not included in this process?

(A) gathering customer’s ideas for new products
(B) planning the physical flow of goods and services
(C) implementing the plan for the flow of goods and services
(D) controlling the physical flow of goods, services, and information
(E) planning the flow of logistics information to meet customer requirements at a profit

Direct marketing means

(A) Seminars and conferences
(B) Face to face selling
(C) Banners
(D) Cold calls
(E) Sales presentation

When an airline goes after a “share of travel” from its customers, it is attempting to increase

(A) share of customer
(B) total customer spending
(C) customer loyalty
(D) customer ownership
(E) customer lifetime value

MRTP stands for:

(A) Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices
(B) Monopolies and Regulated Trade Practices
(C) Major Restrictive Trade Practices
(D) Market Research Technique Process
(E) Management Research Technique Policy

Which of the following is NOT directly associated with banks?

(A) Number Portability
(B) SMS Alert
(C) ATM/Debit Card
(D) Demat Account
(E) E-payment

Value – added services means ______

(A) Giving full value for money
(B) Better value for higher price
(C) Costlier service
(D) Additional service
(E) All the above

_____comprises the process of developing and maintaining a portfolio of products that satisfy the needs of the customers from different segments:

(A) Product mix
(B) Product planning
(C) Product marketing
(D) Product manufacturing
(E) None of the above

Financial inclusion needs canvassing the accounts of

(A) Financial Institutions
(B) NRIs
(C) HNIs
(D) Housewives
(E) Persons below a specified income level

When price of good is held above equilibrium price, normal result will be

(A) Excess demand
(B) Increase in supply
(C) Increase in demand
(D) Surplus of product
(E) None of these

Delivery Channel means

(A) maternity wards
(B) handing over the products to the buyers
(C) places where products are made available to the buyers
(D) All of these
(E) None of these