Marketing Aptitude MCQ-144

Market size also means

(A) Marketing planning
(B) Market pricing
(C) Market space
(D) Market distribution
(E) Market channels

The markets are grouped into different types based on the geographical area, location of market palace, product, nature of transaction, and volume of the transaction: In the above statement the following is NOT correct:

(A) Nature of transaction
(B) Geographical area
(C) Location of marketplace
(D) Volume of transaction
(E) None of these

A presentation means

(A) Display of products
(B) a gift
(C) explaining the utility of products
(D) display of communication skills
(E) All of these

The normal scale used for marketing research, refers to __

(A) Population characteristics based on age or sex or ownership of a specific consumer durable
(B) Ordering of scale
(C) Both (1) and (2)
(D) Neither (1) nor (2)
(E) None of these

Vegetable market in India is nearly an example of

(A) Perfect competition
(B) Monopoly
(C) Oligopoly
(D) Imperfect competition
(E) High monopsony

A lead is useful for

(A) A marketing staff
(B) A team leader
(C) Bank’s chairman
(D) An industry making lead products
(E) Not useful as it is poisonous

Marketing should be resorted

(A) Only among rich persons
(B) Only among the poor
(C) Only in crowded areas
(D) Depends on the product
(E) Depends on the banks

Market penetration can be possible through

(A) More calls to the same buyers
(B) More calls to many buyers
(C) Surrogate marketing
(D) Alternate marketing
(E) All of these

“Referrals” means __

(A) Reference books
(B) Leads provided by operation staff
(C) Sales person
(D) Front-office staff
(E) Management

‘Value-added services’ means ____

(A) Better value at a premium
(B) Costlier services
(C) Additional services
(D) Better value at a discount
(E) At par services

A ‘Call’ means ___

(A) Shout out to somebody
(B) A profession or business
(C) Choosing the right products
(D) Choosing the sales persons
(E) All of these

Debit card can be issued to

(A) Only income tax assesses
(B) Only professionals
(C) Only women
(D) All farmers
(E) All saving account holders

Charles Revs on of Revlon observed: “In the factory, we make cosmetics; in the store,

(A) We make profits
(B) We challenge competitors
(C) We implement ads
(D) We sell hope

An audio or video advertising announcement usually presented on television, radio or in a movie theater is called

(A) Publicity
(B) Creative
(C) Banner
(D) Sponsorship
(E) Commercial

Margin contribution in the case of a loan account means

(A) Money paid by bank to borrower
(B) same as EMI
(C) borrower’s own contribution for the venture
(D) stamp duty
(E) fund value