Marketing Aptitude MCQ-64

Sales promotion involves-fund the incorrect option __

(A) Building product awareness
(B) Creating interest
(C) Providing information
(D) Designing new products
(E) None of these

Marketing is – Find the wrong option

(A) An ancient concept
(B) A modern need
(C) A continuous affair
(D) A team effort
(E) A direct need for survival

Banc assurance means ___

(A) Banks promising to give loans
(B) Bank promising to pay interest
(C) Banks selling insurance products
(D) Assurance to repay loans
(E) None of these

The ultimate aim of the marketing is to provide

(A) More business to the company
(B) More profit
(C) More staff
(D) More production
(E) More products

Word of mouth-marketing is:

(A) Triggered by the company
(B) Unpaid advertising
(C) Used by the company to influence behaviour
(D) None of these

Consumer research takes place at this stage

(A) Before purchase
(B) After purchase
(C) During the purchase
(D) All of these

List of people who do not wish to receive telemarketing calls is

(A) Dare not call list
(B) Do not call list
(C) Do not dial list
(D) Do never call list
(E) None of these

Marketing strategies means

(A) Ideas for new employment
(B) Techniques for mergers
(C) Method to improve marketing activities
(D) More hits per ATM
(E) Networking

Internal Marketing means ______.

(A) Selling to the employees
(B) Selling to oneself
(C) Selling of samples
(D) Selling to foreign markets
(E) None of these

Marketing comprises:

(A) Buying and Production
(B) Production
(C) Buying and selling activities
(D) Auditing
(E) Harvesting

Market Space means

(A) Place where goods are sold
(B) Trade fairs and melas
(C) Road shows
(D) Scope available for selling
(E) Competition

Which of the following is/are the element(s) of Marketing Planning?

(A) Policies
(B) Procedures
(C) Programmes
(D) Rule
(E) All of these

Which of the following is the factor determining consumer behaviour?

(A) Economic factor
(B) Social factor
(C) Informational factor
(D) Psychological factor
(E) All of the above

Market segmentation means

(A) Segmentation of sales team
(B) Distribution of territory
(C) Sales network Marketing Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
(D) Division of market according to the requirement
(E) Market share

‘Benchmark’ means

(A) Sales performance measurement
(B) Marks given to sales persons
(C) Appraisal
(D) Standard values for comparison
(E) Autantion