Marketing Aptitude MCQ-54

A call centre is _______

(A) A meeting place for DSAs
(B) A training centre for DSAs
(C) A meeting place for customers
(D) Data centre
(E) A back office set up where customer queries are answered

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, selling was no problem and no sales team is required because ____

(A) Marketing was not a subject then
(B) People was not a subject then
(C) People don’t want to sell anything
(D) Small-scale enterprises dominated the economic scene
(E) None of these

Market space means

(A) Place where goods are sold
(B) Trade fairs and meals
(C) Road shows
(D) Scope available for selling
(E) Competition

With ————pricing, the products are priced below list price (or even below cost) for a temporary period to create buying urgency.

(A) Reference
(B) By-product
(C) Promotional
(D) Market penetration
(E) All of the above

All the market efforts starts with the discovery of:

(A) Product
(B) Needs & wants of consumers
(C) Corruption
(D) Valid Crime Case
(E) All of the Above

Which among the following is an example of tele conferencing?

(A) Computer conferencing
(B) Audio conferencing
(C) Video conferencing
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

The goods which are used for further production are called

(A) Durable goods
(B) Market goods
(C) Derived goods
(D) Consumer goods
(E) Capital goods

Customization means

(A) Designing products to suit the company
(B) Designing strategies to suit the company
(C) Designing products to suit individual customers
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

Relationship marketing means

(A) Selling to relatives
(B) Selling by relatives
(C) After sales service
(D) Cross-selling
(E) All of these

The performance of a sales person can be enhanced by

(A) Increasing the sales incentives
(B) Increasing the number of product to be sold
(C) Appropriate training
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Effective bank marketing requires __

(A) Proper pricing
(B) Customized products
(C) Simple procedures
(D) Market research
(E) All of these

Market segmentation can be resorted to by means of ___

(A) Segmenting by age
(B) Segmenting by income
(C) Segmenting geographically
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Lead generation means __

(A) Tips for selling tactics
(B) Tips for better production
(C) Generate leaders
(D) Likely sources for prospective clients
(E) All of these

Marketing in banks has been necessitated due to

(A) Globalization
(B) Excess staff
(C) Nationalization of bank
(D) Complacency among the staff
(E) Poor customer service

The first step of sales process is :

(A) Lead generation
(B) Convincing the buyer
(C) Selling the product
(D) Showing a product