Marketing Aptitude MCQ-46

Marketing Aptitude MCQ test for LICAAO, GICADO, Bank Exams, CWE, insurance, RBI, SBIPO’s, IBPS Clerks Exams

The Factors of PLC includes


Product Planning


Product Planning means


Nature of Product Planning includes


What is the target of Product Planning ?


…………… is the starting point for the entire marketing programme in a firm


Product Planning includes


Marketing based research and development includes


Which is/are Product attributes ?


Closing the sale means


Product attributes includes


Which is not Product attributes ?


Match the following


Which is brand of SBI ?


Which is compulsory for Product planning and development ?


Innovation means


Product Innovation includes


Test marketing means


Commercialisation Product is based on


SBI Golden Card is ………… of the SBI.


Union Kisan Card is ………… of the Union Bank of India.


Which is the Product line of the Bank ?


Match the following


Product Simplification organisation is


Match the following