Marketing Aptitude MCQ-47

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Which is the assembling product ?


The exchange function of marketing involves


Which is the function of Physical distribution ?


Marketing includes


Which is the branding of Bank ?


After Sales Service means


Which is the benefit of Marketing ?


Innovation means


Which is the new product of the Bank ?


Marketing is important for bank customer, in which area


The market information includes


Which is the sources of market information ?


Which is the information about the bank ?


Marketing should be resorted


Which is the benefits of marketing to the nation ?


Today, market is


The Old Market was


Marketing comprises


………… includes activities involved in the flow of goods and services from Production to Consumption.


Which is the risk for marketing ?


………… is the managerial Process by which Products are matched with markets and through which transfers of ownership are affected.


Marketing is an Integrated System of action that creates values in goods through its creation of foipi, place, time and


Marketing is the


Which is the Correct Code about the marketing ?


Social marketing