Marketing Aptitude MCQ-45

Marketing Aptitude MCQ Quiz for insurance, CWE, RBI, LICAAO, Bank Exams, IBPS Clerks, GICADO, SBIPO’s Exams

The Physical features aspect of Product is/are


An augmented benefits aspect is/are


Societal benefits aspect includes


Customisation means


Consumer Product is


The type of Consumer Product is/are


Convenience Product is/are


Which is Consumable Item ?


Which is Staple Product ?


Which is Shopping Product ?


Which is durable Product ?


The Specialty Product is/are


Match the following


Product is/are


Which is Intangible Services ?


Intangible Product is/are


Nondurable Product is/are


Which is durable Product ?


Which is the industrial Product ?


Raw material is


………… is raw material for a sugar industry.


‘MRO’ is


MRO applies for


What is FOR in case of Bank?


Organisational intangible Products includes-