Marketing Aptitude MCQ-43

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”Good people to bank with” is mark name of the


BSE means


NSE means


What is must for operating ATM machine ?


Which is not a Private Bank ?


Where is the Head office of SBI ?


Where is the Head office of RBI ?


ATM Card is issued by the


For using of ATM Card, what is must


PIN is


For ATM Card, PIN is provided by


Credit card is issued by


Debit Card is issued by


What is PAN?


Which bank is authorised for issuing PAN Card.?


What is the purpose of PAN Card ?


NBA stands for


In India, the banking business are controlled and regulated by


The ledger of banks is/are


Which is/are the books of bank?


Match the following


PLR is


The online Product of Banks are


Which is/are the Product of the Bank ?


Which is a Private Bank ?