Marketing Aptitude MCQ-48

Marketing Aptitude Model Questions for CWE, insurance, LICAAO, GICADO, SBIPO’s, RBI, IBPS Clerks, Bank Exams Exams

Sales Promotion is a tool of


Profit by customer satisfaction is a tool of


Social marketing


Which factor is responsible for development of marketing ?


In sale


Web marketing is the marketing of products or services over the


Which is the element of a valid Contract ?


Which is the mode of Payment in the Contract of Sale?


Consumer loan taken by a customer on any consumer item, it is a contract of


Which is the essential of Contract of Sale ?


CRM consists of the Processes a company uses to track and organise its contacts with its


Who is a Prospective Customer for a back ?


Which is the type of Product Policy ?


Bata Shoe is the


Debit card issued by only State Bank of India, it is an example of


Which is the Product Line Policy ?


Which is not the Product Line Policy ?


Homogeneous word may be used in


The ………… is said to be optimal if no adjustment would enhance the Company’s chances of achieving the objectives.


ECRM stands for


‘Sales growth of bank depends on


Which is Government Policy ?


Obsolescence is the Process of


Which is the reason of Product mix ?


Which is Bye-Product of a Bank ?