Marketing Aptitude MCQ-53

Indirect marketing is same as

(A) Onsite selling
(B) Using a smartphone
(C) Viral marketing
(D) Advertisements
(E) Online marketing

Which is the base/rule of Customer-orientation?

(A) Customer is a king of market
(B) Staff is a king
(C) Profit is aim
(D) Goal
(E) Programme

Who among the following acts as the Ex-officio Chairman of Central Consumer Protection Council in India?

(A) Nominee of Finance Ministry
(B) Minister of Consumer Affairs
(C) Finance Minister
(D) Finance Secretary
(E) None of the above

Insurance cover for bank deposits in our country is provided by:

(A) Government of India
(E) None of these

A ‘Target Group’ in Marketing ______

(A) To whom the sales should be directed
(B) A group of sellers
(C) A group of buyers
(D) A group of products
(E) All the above

At growth stage of a product, the strategic thrust is on:

(A) Need to develop market
(B) Expand the market by penetration
(C) Protect the market share by retaining the existing customers
(D) Cut cost and reposition the product
(E) Any of the above

Which of the following is NOT included in the 7 P’s of Marketing?

(A) Placement
(B) Price
(C) Production
(D) Promotion
(E) Product

Which of the following sector of economy produces unrefined raw materials?

(A) Primary sector
(B) Secondary sector
(C) Tertiary sector
(D) Public sector
(E) None of these

Innovation mean

(A) Product Designing
(B) New ideas
(C) Impulse
(D) Both (1) and (2)
(E) None of these

‘Customization’ means ______

(A) Tailor-made products for each customer
(B) Customers selling goods
(C) Tailor-made products for each staff
(D) A selling process
(E) None of these

The ultimate aim of Marketing is to provide

(A) More business to the Company
(B) More profit
(C) More staff
(D) More production
(E) None of these

The practice of going after a large share of a smaller market or subsets of a few markets is called ___.

(A) undifferentiated marketing
(B) differentiated marketing
(C) concentrated marketing
(D) turbo marketing
(E) None of these

Customer’s Relationship with the Bank is influenced by:

(A) Customers’ attitudes
(B) Attitudes of Bank staff
(C) Interest rates of the Bank
(D) Attitudes of salespersons
(E) None of these

_____ has the advantage of being high in selectivity; low cost, immediacy and interactive capabilities.

(A) Direct Mail
(B) Outdoor
(C) Online
(D) Radio
(E) None of these

In Banking Services Market can be segmented on the basis of:

(A) Density
(B) Customers
(C) Both 1 & 2
(D) Neither 1 & 2
(E) None of these