Marketing Aptitude MCQ-65

The process of branding does NOT covers:

(A) It helps in advertising of firm’s products
(B) It helps the company bring home the product features
(C) It helps in introducing new product
(D) It helps a firm to charge different prices for its products
(E) None of the above

With ______ pricing, the products are priced below list price (or even below cost) for a temporary period to create buying urgency.

(A) Reference
(B) By-product
(C) Promotional
(D) Market penetration
(E) None of these

The major stages of advertising development include:

(A) Domestic
(B) International
(C) Export
(D) Multinational and global
(E) All of the above

The sales promotion is directed at:

(A) Customer
(B) Distribution channel members
(C) Sales staff
(D) All of the above
(E) None of the above

In the last 10 years, the use of direct marketing has:

(A) Increased enormously
(B) Reduced moderately
(C) Reduced significantly
(D) Increased moderately
(E) Cannot be said

An organisation that constructs its sales force to specialize in selling only a portion of the company’s products or lines is defined as which of the following types of sales forces?

(A) Product sales force
(B) Specialised sales force
(C) Customer sales force
(D) Contractual sales force
(E) None of the above

Lead generation can be resorted to by browsing

(A) Telephone directories
(B) Yellow pages
(C) Internet sites
(D) List of existing customers
(E) All of the above

DSA stands for:

(A) Direct Selling Agent
(B) Delivery Staff Agent
(C) Distribution and Supply Agent
(D) Distributor’s Sales Agent
(E) Direct Supply Agent

Which of the following customers are main customers of a bank?

(A) Customer
(B) Society
(C) employee
(D) all of these
(E) none of these

Good customer service is an extended arm of

(A) Service marketing
(B) Web Marketing
(C) Process
(D) Indirect Marketing
(E) Internal Marketing

Green marketing is an example of this type of ecologically responsible initiative.

(A) Global movement
(B) World development
(C) Sustainable development
(D) Eco-sustainable development
(E) Social development trends

Banc assurance is a relationship between Bank and

(A) Insurance Company
(B) Employee
(C) Customer
(D) Education
(E) All of these

ATM means _______

(A) Any Time Marketing
(B) Any Time Money
(C) Any Time Machine
(D) Automated Teller Machine
(E) Automatic Teller Money

When single price is charged for all consumers without any discrimination, it is known as:

(A) Pricing strategy
(B) Single price
(C) Fixed price
(D) Dynamic price
(E) Variable price

Bank ATMs are

(A) Alternate Delivery channels
(B) Market plans
(C) Personalized Products
(D) Tools for overcoming buyers resistance
(E) Motivating tools