Marketing Aptitude MCQ-62

Advertising that promotes organizational images, ideas and political issues is called:

(A) Competitive advertising
(B) Product advertising
(C) Comparative advertising
(D) Consumer advertising
(E) Institutional advertising

The trade sales promotion technique includes:

(A) Push money
(B) Trade allowances
(C) Trade contests
(D) Dealer loader
(E) All of the above

Which of these is not one of the four types of direct marketing?

(A) Supplementary
(B) Brand vehicle
(C) Primary differentiator
(D) Sales channel
(E) None of the above

Defining selling responsibility in terms of customer-based criteria:

(A) allows a more tailored sales approach
(B) reduces the chances of call duplication
(C) allows the sales representative to become familiar with specific applications of the product or types of customer
(D) encourages long-term buyer-seller relationships
(E) all of the above

Effective marketing style requires

(A) Proper planning
(B) Good debating skills
(C) Arrogant staff
(D) Knowledge of many languages
(E) Egnorant Customers

Today, a growing number of firms now outsource some or all of their logistics to

(A) cross-functional teams
(B) third-party logistics providers
(C) channel members
(D) disinter me diaries
(E) competitors

Which of the following are target customer?

(A) future customer
(B) structure
(C) factors
(D) suppliers and producers
(E) none of these

Customer Relation can be ensured by

(A) Offering freebies
(B) Offering loans
(C) Catchy Slogans
(D) Giving incentives
(E) Personalized Services

What do most companies today focus on when it comes to protecting the environment?

(A) investing heavily in environmental technology
(B) investing heavily in pollution prevention
(C) biodegradability
(D) developing a sustainable vision
(E) practicing product stewardship

Banc assurance means:

(A) selling insurance product through banks
(B) assurance given by banks to customers
(C) insurance of deposits in the banks
(D) All of the above
(E) None of the above

Cross – Selling means ______

(A) Selling with a cross face
(B) Selling to Red Cross members
(C) Selling to Blue Cross members
(D) Selling across countries
(E) Selling other products to existing customers

Zero level channel implies:

(A) Retail Trades selling through salesmen
(B) Direct selling by manufacturer to the consumer
(C) Retailer selling to consumer directly
(D) All the above
(E) None of the above

Market Segmentation is required for

(A) Preferential market
(B) OTC Marketing
(C) Internal Marketing
(D) Identifying sales persons
(E) Identifying prospects

The market value of all final goods and services produced and made with the geographical boundaries of a country in a year is known as

(A) Gross Fiscal Deficit
(B) Gross National Saving
(C) Gross Domestic Product
(D) Gross Domestic Capital Formation
(E) None of the above

If done through ___ the rural marketing would be more effective.

(A) fairs
(B) village fairs
(C) door to door campaign
(D) All of these
(E) None of these