Marketing Aptitude MCQ-51

…………… is the starting point for the entire marketing programme in a firm

(A) Marketing
(B) Selling technique and quality of Product
(C) Product Planning
(D) Pricing

Social cultural environment of a bank includes ?

(A) To protect social values
(B) To protect social culture
(C) To protect social assets
(D) All of these

A brand is a—

(A) Symbol or a word
(B) Cost
(C) Service
(D) Liability and Research

Green marketing is known as—

(A) Environment marketing
(B) Ecological marketing
(C) Product marketing
(D) A and B

Profit oriented objective includes—

(A) Maximizing Profits
(B) Sales
(C) Cost
(D) Research

Which is the decision of marketing ?

(A) Promotion decision
(B) Nature and Scope of marketing
(C) Marketing
(D) Information

Compaign Management includes—

(A) Tracking or Storing
(B) Sale
(C) Purchase
(D) Role

What is after sale service of the bank ?

(A) To pay the loan
(B) To provide Job
(C) To make the payment after or on maturity of Fixed deposits
(D) To provide loan

Product development’s activities are—

(A) Attributes determination
(B) Engineering activity
(C) Functional activity
(D) All of these

For using of ATM Card, what is must—

(A) An account in the bank
(B) Fund available in the account
(C) An valid ATM Card
(D) (D-) All of these

Which is a made or way for direct interaction with customers ?

(A) Face to Face meeting
(B) Phone Calls
(C) e-mail
(D) All of these

What is full form of ‘SEM’ ?

(A) Sales-Even Mail
(B) Sales-Even Method
(C) Search Engine Marketing
(D) All of these

Which is the part of a Product which carries verbal information about the Product or the seller (manufacturer or middlemen).

(A) Label
(B) Product Simplification
(C) Product diversification
(D) All of these

What is the purpose of PAN Card ?

(A) For tax return filling
(B) For product production
(C) For storage
(D) RISK Management