Marketing Aptitude MCQ-42

Marketing Aptitude Online Practice Exam LICAAO, RBI, GICADO, Bank Exams, IBPS Clerks, CWE, insurance, SBIPO’s Exams

Which is Physical Features of Product ?


Which is intangible features of a Product ?


Which is Product line of a bank ?


Which is Factors of Pricing ?


Which is Factors of Price of a Product or Service ?


Price mix of a Product involves


Which is a Part of Price mix ?


Match the following


Match the following


Distribution mix is known as


Retailer is a Part of


DSA of a Bank is a Part of


Distribution mix involves


Physical distribution of a product involves


Which is a Part of Place mix of a bank ?


Promotion mix includes


Which is a part of Promotion mix ?


Match the following


Which is Four C’s of marketing ?


Marketing’s Concept of Four P’s expressed


Who is the father of Four C’s of marketing ?


Four C’s of marketing expresses


Marketing mix can be changed due to


Which is/are activities of Promotional mix ?


Which is a Private Bank ?