Marketing Aptitude MCQ-70

A prospects means

(A) Any customer who walks into the bank
(B) An employee of the bank
(C) A customer who is likely to be interested in bank’s product or service
(D) A depositor of the bank
(E) A borrower of the bank

Bank marketing means

(A) Selling of banks
(B) Buying of banks
(C) Merger of banks
(D) Selling bank’s products and services
(E) Selling various items in banks

Marketing of Internet Banking

(A) Meeting of Banks on the net
(B) Net practice
(C) Marketing the usage of banking transactions through Internet
(D) Transactions with foreign countries
(E) All of the above

Buyer resistance means

(A) Buyers fighting with the salesmen
(B) Reluctant salesmen
(C) Indifferent salesman
(D) Hesitant buyers
(E) None of these

Lead generation is __

(A) A pre-sales function
(B) A function of the customer
(C) A function of the manufacturing department
(D) A post sales function
(E) All of these

Marketing is best suited in __

(A) Buyer’s market
(B) Seller’s market
(C) Internal marketing
(D) Direct marketing
(E) None of these

The target group for credit cards is

(A) Existing cardholders
(B) All graduates
(C) All minors
(D) Individuals with taxable income
(E) All of these

Market share means

(A) Paid-up capital
(B) Shares held by employees
(C) Shares of business volume as compared to other companies
(D) Share price of the company quoted in the market
(E) Sensex

Five stage model of the consumer buying process does not include:

(A) Problem recognition
(B) Post-purchase behaviour
(C) Evaluation of alternatives
(D) Product perception

This is not direct marketing:

(A) Door to door selling
(B) Internet marketing
(C) Telemarketing
(D) None of these

Motivation in marketing means

(A) Inspiring sales person to talk more
(B) Inspiring sales persons to sell more
(C) Inspiring counter staff to talk more
(D) Market size
(E) Market place

Good competition helps in

(A) Better technology
(B) More market share
(C) Rise in profits
(D) Bigger branch network
(E) Improved customer service

A “Buyer’s Market” means:

(A) buyers are also sellers
(B) demand exceeds supply
(C) sellers are also buyers
(D) there are not sellers
(E) supply exceeds demand

___is the managerial Process by which Products are matched with markets and through which transfers of ownership are affected.

(A) Accounting
(B) Financial Planning and management
(C) Marketing
(D) Advertisement
(E) Sales

Marketing opportunities mean

(A) Scope for marketing
(B) Proper and effective training
(C) Market planning
(D) Availability
(E) Market data of sales outlets