Marketing Aptitude MCQ-57

Each salesperson is assigned to an exclusive area in which to sell the company’s full line of products or services in which type of sales forces structure?

(A) Territorial sales force
(B) Product sales force
(C) Customer sales force
(D) Hybrid sales force
(E) None of these

Sales targets are fixed on the basis of:

(A) Past experience
(B) Time period
(C) Brand position
(D) All the above
(E) None of these

The sequence of a sales process is ______

(A) Lead generation, call, presentation & sale
(B) Sale, presentation, Lead generation & call
(C) Presentation, Lead generation, Sale & Call
(D) Lead generation, Call, Sale & Presentation
(E) There is no sequence required

A form of distribution in which manufacturer makes an agreement, with a middleman in each market area stipulating that the distribution of the product within that is to be confined solely to that middleman is known as ________

(A) Mass Distribution
(B) Exclusive agency distribution
(C) Selective distribution
(D) Price Distribution
(E) None of these

Out of the following ______ is NOT one the three levels of a product.

(A) Core
(B) Augmented
(C) Actual
(D) Fragmented
(E) All of these

Which of the following pricing methods is NOT cost based method?

(A) Value pricing
(B) Target-return pricing
(C) Mark-up Pricing
(D) Marginal cost pricing
(E) All of these

What type of relation is there between company and suppliers?

(A) Direct
(B) Indirect
(C) Multilevel
(D) Social
(E) Private

Information systems can assist managers by

(A) Providing information
(B) Providing data on internal sources
(C) Directing
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

Which among the following a fixed expenses in sales budget?

(A) Incentives
(B) Rent
(C) Communication Expenses
(D) Commission
(E) Awards

Product mix means

(A) Distributing a mix of products
(B) Collecting ideas to sell better
(C) Satisfying the customers
(D) Bundle of products required by the customer
(E) Various products designed by the company

Motivation means

(A) Keeping the salesmen happy
(B) Keeping the staff happy
(C) More enthusiasm
(D) More team work
(E) All of these

Team building is required

(A) Only for lead generation
(B) Only for after sales service
(C) For cross selling
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Direct marketing means __

(A) Face-to-face marketing
(B) Melas
(C) Seminars
(D) Indoor marketing
(E) Online marketing

The target group for a car loan is ___

(A) All auto drivers
(B) All auto dealers
(C) All car owners
(D) Any individual needing car
(E) All of these

Direct marketing means

(A) Advertisements
(B) Banners
(C) Face-to-face selling
(D) Selling by all staff
(E) Achieving targets