Indian Polity MCQ-347

Indian Polity Model Questions for HPPSC,SSC CGL Tier-II,CivilsPrelims,RRB Exams

What is a Writ of Quo Warranto?


Writ of Mandamus is:


Which one of the following writs literally means ‘we command’?


In India, Mandamus will lie against:


The writ of prohibition issued by the Supreme Court or a High Court is issued against:


Directive Principles of State Policy are like ”a cheque on a bank payable at the convenience of the bank” was said by


The main purpose of including Directive Principles of State Policy in the Indian Constitution is


Which of the following is not a Directive Principle of State Policy? The state shall seek to ensure:


The main difference between the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles is


Which one of the following amendments accorded precedence to the Directive Principles over FRs?


What are the Gandhian Principles incorporated in the Indian Constitution?
i) Organisation of village Panchayats
ii) Establishment of cottage and small scale industries in rural areas
III Prohibition on use of intoxicating liquor except for medicinal purposes
iV Efforts to be made for the development of weaker or backward sections of the society


A socialistic ideology is reflected in the Directive Principle which calls for


Which of the following describes the nature of the Directive Principles?


Regarding Directive Principles of State Policy it is not correct to say that:


The Constitution is silent in the ‘Directive Principles’ about:


What is meant by saying that the Directive Principles of State Policy are non-justiciable?


The Directive Principles in the Constitution are meant to


Ideals of a welfare state are contained in:


Which part of the Constitution speaks of economic and social ideals which are non-justiciable?


Which one of the following is not among the Directive Principles?


Which one of the following is not listed as a Directive Principle in our Constitution?


Which of the following directives has not been included in the Constitution with regard to conduct of international relations?


The enforcement of the Directive Principles depends on:


Which one of the following is difference between the Fundamental Right and the Directive Principles?


The Directive Principles were accorded an overriding position over the Fundamental Rights under certain circumstances by: