Indian Polity MCQ-340

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Democracy exists in India, without people’s participation and cooperation, democracy will fail. This implies that


Which of the following is/are not the functions of the Election Commission of India?
1. Conduct of election for the posts of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker, Lok Sabha and the Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha.
2. Conduct of election to the State Legislative Assemblies.
3. Deciding on all doubts and disputes arising out of elections.
Select the correct answer from the codes given below


Which of the following electoral systems have not been adopted for various elections in India?
1. System of direct election on the basis of adult suffrage.
2. System of proportional representation by means of a single transferable vote.
3. List system of proportional representation.
4. Cumulative system of indirect elections.
Select the correct answer from the codes given below


Proportional representation is not necessary in a country where


Which of the following statements about the Election Commission is/are correct?
1. According to a Judgment of the Supreme Court, the members of the Election Commission have equal powers with the Chief Election Commissioner.
2. The Chief Election Commissioner has overriding authority in the Election Commission.
3. The members of the Election Commission are appointed by the Parliament.
4. Only those persons who are eligible for appointment as judge of a High Court can be appointed as members of the Election Commission or as Chief Election Commissioner.
Choose the right answer .from the options given below


Which of the following does fall within the purview of the Election Commission?
1. Election of the Prime Minister.
2. Recognition of political parties.
3. Conduct of election of the President.
4. Assignment of election symbols to political parties.
Choose the right answer from the options given below


Which of the following categories of persons are entitled to exercise his vote through postal ballot?
1. Members of foreign services posted abroad.
2. Members of the armed forces.
3. Civil servants on election duty.
4. Indian nationals settled abroad.
Choose the right answer from the options given below


Consider the following statements regarding booth capturing in an election
1. It has been defined in the Constitution of India through an amendment.
2. It includes the seizure of and taking possession of polling booths to prevent the orderly conduct of elections.
3. It is also committed when any elector is threatened and prevented from going to the polling station to cast his vote.
4. It has been declared a cognizable offence punishable by imprisonment.


Consider the following activities indulged in by a candidate during the election campaign
1. Giving gifts to voters to induce them to vote.
2. Appealing for votes on the grounds of caste or religion.
3. False character assassination of other candidates.
4. Propagation and glorification of sati. Of the above, the ones that constitute corrupt practices are


In terms of the election laws in India, electioneering ceases in a constituency at least


In which chapter of Indian Constitution the provisions of elections have been dealt?


Which Article of Indian Constitution talks about adults suffrage?


Who among the following had not been the Chief Election Commissioner of India?


What is the composition of the Election Commission of a State?


Which of the following report Is not placed before the Parliament? It is the report of the


What shall be the composition of National Commission for SC and ST?


The qualifications for the Chairman and other members of the Finance Commission


The jurisdiction of the Finance Commission does not extend to


Assertion (A) The Central Vigilance Commission is a Statutory Body.
Reason (R) The objective of Caps is to probe the cases of corruption against civil servants.


Assertion (A) The Planning Commission is neither a Statutory Body nor a Constitutional Body.
Reason (R) It is established by an executive resolution of the Union Cabinet.


Assertion (A) The CAG is an Independent Constitutional Authority.
Reason (R) The CAG is the watchdog of the Public Finance.


Assertion (A) The National Integration Council is an extra-Constitutional body.
Reason (R) The function of NIC is to promote unity and integrity of India.


Assertion (A) The Election Commission is Constitutionally committed to conduct free and fair polls in India.
Reason (R) The Election Commission is also responsible to determine the disqualification on the grounds as prescribed in the 10th Schedule.


Assertion (A) The Finance Commission facilitates the maintenance of financial balance between the Union and the States in the Indian Federal System.
Reason (R) The Constitution of India has given more financial powers to the Union Government.


Which of the following are constituted by the President?
1. The Finance Commission
2. The Planning Commission
3. The Commission on Official Languages
4. The Union Public Service Commission
Choose the right answer from the options given below