Indian Polity MCQ-325

Polity Questions for TET,HPPSC,WBPSC,UPPSC,NDA,CDSE,CivilsPrelims Exams

The first State to become bifurcated after independence was:


When the Madras State was renamed Tamil Nadu?


Which of the following Union Territories attained statehood in February, 1987?


The State of Bombay was bifurcated into Maharashtra and Gujarat on May 1, in the year:


What was the status of Sikkim at the commencement of the Constitution?


When did the first linguistic State of Andhra come into existence?


For those Union Territories, which have no Legislative Councils of their own, laws are passed by:


Which of the following does not give correctly the name of the original State out of whose territory the new State was created?


The States Reorganisation Act created ____ States and ____ Union Territories.


Which of the following were Union Territories before becoming States?
I. Himachal Pradesh

II. Manipur
III. Sikkim

IV. Tripura


Which of the following did India acquire from France?


Which one of the following is not administered by a Lieutenant Governor?


The old name of which State/Union Territory is wrongly given?


Which of the following States and the year of their creation is incorrectly matched?


Put in the correct order of their creation:
I. Assam
II. Nagaland
III. Goa

IV. Mizoram


The Sarkaria Commission dealing with the Centre-State .relationship has not laid down which of the following regarding the appointment of Governors?


English is the official language of which of the following States?


Which one of the following was an associate State of India before becoming a full fledged State?


Match the following:
1 . 22nd State
2 . 23rd State
3 . 24th State
4 . 25th State
A . Arunachal Pradesh

B . Goa
C . Mizoram
D . Sikkim



Which of the following features is/are contrary to the norms of a federal polity?

Common All India Service
Single integrated judiciary
Select the correct answer using the code given below:


A special category State invariably


The vesting of ‘residuary’ powers in the central government by the Constitution of India indicates


Who of the following shall cause every recommendation made by the Finance Commission to be laid before each House of Parliament?


In the Constitution of India, the word ‘Federal’ is used in


Which of the following statements with regard to the Federal System’ is/are correct?
In a federation, two sets of governments co-exist and there is distribution of power.
There is a written constitution.

Select the correct answer using the code given below: