Indian Polity MCQ-315

Polity Practice Questions for WBPSC,Railways, CivilsPrelims,HPPSC,NDA,UPSC Exams

The quorum of the Parliament is fixed at:


The maximum strength of Lok Sabha is:


Which of the following powers is enjoyed by the Parliament of India?


When can the term of Lok Sabha be extended beyond five years?


The term of Lok Sabha may be extended by :


The State which has the largest number of Lok Sabha members is:


The Rajya Sabha, which is the upper house of Parliament has a maximum strength of


The introduction of a no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha requires the support of at least :


Who chooses the Speaker?


If a no-confidence motion is adopted by the Lok Sabha, then:


After being elected as Speaker of the Lok Sabha, a person:


What is the chief function of the Speaker?


One of the following is not a method by which the Parliament expresses lack of confidence in the Council of Ministers:
I. Rejecting a bill introduced by a Minister
II. Declaring that the taxes proposed have to be reduced

III. Passing a bill introduced by a private member to which the Council of Ministers is opposed


Among the disqualifications for the membership of Parliament we cannot include one of the following:


Questions of disqualification of a member of Parliament have to be decided by :


The Constitution provides that a House of Parliament may declare a seat vacant:
I. in the case of a member who is guilty of breach of privilege of the House
II. in the case of a member who has been absent for 60 days without the permission of the House

III. if a member resigns in no case IV in no case


The freedom of speech of a Member of Parliament is:


A Money Bill and a Finance Bill differ in that:


It is not correct to say about Money Bills that


The Lok Sabha is predominantly:


Who can dissolve the Lok Sabha before the expiry of its term?


In addition to the Speaker, the Lok Sabha has a Deputy Speaker who is:


The maximum duration of the zero hour in Lok Sabha can be


Which one of the following does not fall within the financial powers of the Indian Parliament?


When can the Speaker vote in the Lok Sabha?