Indian Polity MCQ-346

Indian Constitution Questions for CivilsPrelims,NDA,SSC,MPPSC,CDS Exams

The UPSC conducts examinations for

I. central services
II. all India services

III. state services

IV. state services for two or more states jointly


The various categories of states were abolished by the States Reorganisation Act passed in


The vesting of residuary powers in the union under our constitution instead of state legislatures, follows the precedent of the


The vice-president acts as the president of India when the


Which one of the following groups of leaders was connected with the Swaraj st party?


The vice-president holds office


The vice-president of India can be removed from his office before the expiry of his term if


The vice-president of India is elected by


The vice-president of India is elected by an electoral college consisting of


The vice-president of India is elected by the


The vice-president who assumes the office of the President in case of vacancy due to death holds it for


The vice-president who is ex-officio chairman of Rajya Sabha, is elected by


The word ‘secular’ in the Preamble


The words ‘SatyamevaJayate’ inscribed in Devanagari script below the abacus of the state emblem of India are taken from


The words, ‘socialist’ and ‘secular,’ were added to the Preamble of the Constitution of India by the… Constitution Amendment Act 1


The working of the constitution for the past thirty years shows that the government has


The writ by which a High Court or the Supreme Court can secure the body of a person who has been imprisoned to be brought before it is


The zila parishad is


The authority to restrict or extend the jurisdiction of the state high courts rests with


The chief justice of the High Court is appointed by


The constitution empowers the president to nominate up to two members of the Lok Sabha from among the


The Legislative Council can delay the enactment of a bill passed by the Legislative Assembly for a maximum period of


Theocracy is


Theoretically, the prime minister holds office during the pleasure of the president but he actually holds office


The provisions regarding division of taxes between the union and states