Indian Polity MCQ-330

Polity objective Questions for HPPSC,UKPSC,CGPSC,MPPSC,UPPSC Exams

Right to equality includes

A. Equality before law
B. Right against discrimination on grounds of race, caste, religion, etc.
C. Equal pay for equal work
D. Abolition of untouchability

E. Abolition of all titles


Freedom of speech under the Indian constitution is subject to reasonable restriction on the grounds of protection of


The doctrine that Fundamental Rights cannot be amended under Art 368 was propounded by the SC in which of the following cases ?


Civil and political equality gives citizens:


Cultural and Educational rights include:


Which one of the following is not a right listed in the Constitution?


The granting of fundamental rights to citizens aims at ensuring


Which fundamental right is concerned with abolition of social distinctions?


The Fundamental Rights have the sanction of


How can the Fundamental Rights be suspended?


Which of the following is not provided for in the Fundamental Rights regarding prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, or place of birth?


Some of the Fundamental Rights are not available to the members of the armed forces. Who reserves the right to decide the same?


According to the Indian Constitution there should be no discrimination in public places on grounds only of


The Constitution prescribes the


A citizen’s freedom of speech and expression may be subjected to reasonable restriction on the grounds of all except:


The basic condition imposed on the citizen’s right to assemble is that the assembly should be


The Indian Constitution declares that protection of life and liberty


What is the objective behind the Cultural and Educational Rights in the Chapter on Fundamental Rights?


Under the constitution, the Fundamental Rights of the citizen can be restricted but the final authority to decide whether these restrictions are reasonable or not rests with the :


How many Fundamental Rights are enjoyed by the Indians?


In which case did the Supreme Court declare that a ‘Constituent Assembly should be convened to amend the Fundamental Rights?


Only the citizens of India enjoy the right to


Which part of the Constitution of India was described as the ‘Soul of the Constitution’ by Dr. Ambedkar?


A formal order under seal issued in the name of a sovereign government or by a superior court enjoining the officer or other person to whom it is issued to do or refrain from doing some specified act is a


Writ of Certiorari means