Indian history MCQ-2

Indian History Objective Questions for CivilsPrelims,IES,TNPSC ,IndianAirforce,KeralaPSC,SSC,NDA,CDS,RRB,APPSC,WBPSC,TNPSC,DSC Exams

1. The first battle of the American War of Independence took place in the year

A. 1776, 4 July

B. 1778, 14 August

C. 1776, 28 July

D. 1789, 14 July

2. The main effect of the American War of Independence was

A. establishment of a republic

B. democracy

C. socialism

D. capitalism

3. The French society was divided into

A. one group

B. two groups

C.Three groups

D. four groups

4. The French Queen, Marie Antonitte, was termed as

A. empty headed

B. hot headed

C. high headed

D. dumb headed

5. The French King Louis XVI ruled according to

A. socialistic ideas

B. divine right theory

C. orthodox method

D. oligarchy rules

6. 18th century has been correctly called the

A. age of rationalism

B. age of reason

C. age of positive thinking

D. age of experimentation

7. The French royal prison—the (Bastille) was attacked in

A. 12 July, 1789

B. 13 July, 1789

C. 14 July, 1789

D. 16 July, 1790

8. Austria, Russia and Prussia formed an alliance called

A. the revolutionary alliance

B. triple alliance

C. holy alliance

D. triple entente

9. Louis XVI and Marie Antonitte were executed alongwith their children in

A. l793

B. 1794

C. 1795

D. 1799

10. The most important effect of the French Revolution was the birth of the

A. republic in France

B. socialism

C. democracy

D. capitalism

11. Napoleon introduced a new set of laws called

A. Napoleonic code

B. French laws

C. Europeon laws

D. Prussian laws

12. Bismarck was called the man who gave Germany the policy of

A. blood & iron

B. holy wars

C. holy alliance

D. triple alliance

13. Sardinia was the strongest state of

A. Germany

B. France

C. Italy

D. Holland

14. Italy was unified with the occupation of the city of Rome in

A. 1868

B. 1869

C. 1870

D. 1872

15. Karl Marx was the first man to introduce

A. scientific socialism

B. marxian socialism

C. democracy

D. capitalism

16. The church was very corrupt and supported

A. the monarchy

B. socialism

C. revolutionaries

D. kingship

17. The great French socialist Babeuf was executed in the year

A. 1797

B. 1798

C. 1799

D. 1796

18. The communist manifesto appeared in the year

A. 1849

B. 1848

C. 1850

D. 1852

19. Prussia was the strongest state of Germany before the unification was dominated by the

A. monarchs

B. landlords (Junkers)

C. lords

D. industrialists

20. “An address to the working class” was drafted by

A. Karl Peters

B. Babeuf

C. Karl Marx

D. Stalin

21. The first international introduced

A. socialism

B. communalism

C. democracy

D. dictatorship

22. The Paris Commune fought for

A. workers rights

B. landlords rights

C. industrialists rights

D. people rights

23. The Paris Commune took place in the year

A. 28 March, 1871

B. 28 March, 1872

C. 28 March, 1873

D. 28 March, 1874

24. The second international was the 100 years celebration of the

A. American War of Independence

B. French Revolution

C. Italian Unification

D. German Unification

25. The Second International declared 1st May as

A. workers day

B. liberation day

C. socialist day

D. capitalist day