Indian History MCQ-281

Which of the following canals for irrigation was the first to be completed during the British rule?

(A) Agra canal
(B) Lower Chenab canal
(C) Lower Ganges canal
(D) Sirhind canal

Match the following:

Anglo-Mysore Wars– English Officers

A. First I. Warren Hastings
B Second II. Lord Wellesley
C. Third III. Col. Smith

D. Fourth IV. Lord Cornwallis

(A) A-III, B-I, C-IV, D-II
(B) A-I, B-II, C-III, D-IV
(C) A-IV, B-III, C-II, D-I
(D) A-II, B-IV, C-I, D-III

Rajaraya I and Rajendra I commemorated their victories by which one of the following methods?

(A) Erecting temples
(B) Erecting pillars
(C) Ordering inscriptions to be written
(D) Issuing coins

Out of four sources of Islamic laws the three are Quran, Hadis and Izma. The fourth one is:

(A) Kayas
(B) Khams
(C) Kharaj
(D) Aayats

When did Atis go to Tibet?

(A) In 1050 A.D.
(B) In 1038 A.D.
(C) In 940 A.D.
(D) In 1135 A.D.

Which was the real cause for the split between the northern Jains and southern Jains?

(A) Idol workship
(B) Interpretation of Jain philosophy
(C) Whether to wear clothes or move without it.
(D) compilation of teachings of Mahavira.

The period between 600 BC and 300 BC is known by several names. Which of the following is not now of them?

(A) Post-vedic period
(B) Age of the Buddha
(C) Period of second urbanisation
(D) Post-Mauryan period

Which one of the following metals made its earliest appearance in India before any other place in the world?

(A) Copper
(B) Gold
(C) Tin
(D) Silver

Which of the following was not a cause of a failure of the Derozians to create a mass movement?

(A) They did not advocate women’s rights
(B) They did not take up the peasants’ cause
(C) The social conditions were not ripe for their ideas to flourish
(D) All of the above

In the modern history of India, Gandhi-Irwin Pact is also known as:

(A) Delhi Pact
(B) London Pact
(C) Poona Pact
(D) Shimla pact